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The Society accreditation aims to provide a rigorous yet user friendly process that is both affordable and organisationally achievable at course team level. The accreditation attempts to be of real value to the course team and aims to provide some tangible practical benefits as well as to keep in contact with courses long after the accreditation has been completed. As a professional body working within the moving image industries it offers a range of benefits to successfully accredited courses, as well as offering a reduced range (*) of benefits to approved courses.

The course team will receive an independent consultation about their course, an independent full written report with possible advice, which can be used as part of their course review and development process.


Accreditation Publicity & Prestige*

Course teams can:
– use the fact that the courses are accredited or approved in course publicity and marketing materials for those courses,
– use exact quotes from the accreditation report in any publicity, marketing materials or advertisements for the courses that the report refers to,
– use the Society logo in miniature adjacent to the fact that the course is accredited or approved by the Society on that course’s  documents or student learning materials.
- a listing of the Accredited & Approved Courses and their institutions is included in Society publications and Society websites,
- the details of Accredited & Approved Courses and their institutions are promoted to anyone seeking careers information from the Society.
Free Individual Student Membership !
We will shortly be launching our membership scheme for students on Accredited courses. After three years employed in professional practice within our industry, graduates are eligible to apply for full membership of the society. If recognised and qualifying circumstances are met, graduates are then eligible for full corporate membership. Full members can use the professional qualification title MBKS.


Annual Accreditation Events*

As well as students and staff having access to all Society members events a number of specific free events are organised each year specifically for Accredited and Approved course students and staff.


Staff Membership, Events & “Cinema Technology” Magazine

The institution benefits from one free individual full membership for the duration of the accreditation. This would normally be the Course Leader or Link Tutor of the Accredited Course. This colleague receives email notification of all Society events for publicising to staff and students. In addition he or she will receive a free subscription to the Society’s journal “Cinema Technology”, the leading international trade journal for the exhibition side of the industry containing up to the minute information.

EBSCO Database of Articles Covering All Aspects

of the Media, Sound and Moving Image Industries.

Student members and the course leader / team member who is given membership of the Society as part of a successful accreditation will have access to the society’s online EBSCO database of published articles taken from its learned journals. This covers all aspects of the media, sound and moving image industries. Both current up to date articles are in the database as well as historical information about these industries. This is a very useful resource both for staff and students in undertaking coursework, and dissertation research. If you have been accredited and now require further details about how to access the database contact our coordinator. Student members requiring access need also to contact our coordinator.



Professional Contact

In the four intervening years between accreditation and re-accreditation a member of the Education and Training Group will be available to visit the accredited course once each year to take part in one of a number of activities during their visit that could include:- a meeting of the course’s industry advisory board / a presentation to students / industry careers advice / review of students work / staff meeting / or other course activities or initiatives by prior arrangement. Whilst there is no charge for the committee member’s time, any travel and / or overnight expenses will be borne by the institution.



Download as PDF Document


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