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BKSTS Accreditation is a service to education & training provided by 
IMIS:       International Moving Image Society ( formerly The BKSTS )


Approval Information                      Download as PDF Document

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Recognition of Courses by IMIS  - The International Moving Image Society

Since 1984, the predecessor of IMIS, the BKSTS, has provided formal recognition of relevant educational and training courses, as a way of building stronger links between the media industries and Education and Training Institutions. Accredited and Approved courses are seen by many organisations in the media industries as being relevant and as a source of potential employees. Students are helped by the provision of realistic training and education, and involvement with companies in their chosen area of work.

Course Approval status can be awarded to any short course of between one day and twelve months in duration.

Course Accreditation status can be awarded to any longer courses longer than one year in duration.

 Pre-Requisites for Approval

For a course to be approved, the content, standard, philosophy and approach of the course must be compatible with and be seen as being relevant to the needs of the media industries and the aims of the Society. 

It is important to media organisations that they know the type of training that potential employees will have received, and can rely on its standard. The Society, as one of the leading media industry bodies, and being dedicated to the development of technical professionalism and excellence, is well placed to assess the realism of the course, and to recommend ways in which it can be strengthened.

Approval Criteria

1.      The requested documentation shall have been submitted for inspection.

2.      The course shall be demonstrably directed towards the learning of skills applicable to a profession/job role within the media industries.

3.      The course shall include an appreciable percentage of relevant practical content.

 4.      The student numbers on the course shall be appropriate for the available resources.

 5.      The course shall meet the aims of Society in maintaining standards and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in all relevant aspects of moving image and associated sound technology.

 6.      The material and human resources readily available must be adequate to meet the aims, standards and demands of the course.

 7.      The teaching staff must be suitably qualified both to meet the academic needs of the course and in terms of recent/current experience within the industry.

8.      The facilities and working methods made available to students must reflect current practice in the industry.

( Photographs of facilities and accommodation, floor plans, equipment lists etc., together with any web gallery links,  should be submitted as supporting evidence. )

( Showreels or copies of work produced and / or vimeo or YouTube links should also be submitted as supporting evidence. ) 

9.      For any course longer than 10 weeks, details of the criteria and assessments used to determine whether or not students have successfully passed the course must be appropriate.

( Details in the form of an assessment schedule, details of any tests or assessment tasks used, and / or details of formative projects and final assessment projects, together with assessment criteria / sheets must be submitted. )


Benefits Summary

The Society course approval scheme provides a formal recognition of media-related full-time and part-time short courses. The key aim of the scheme is to recognise that a Society Approved course provides a delegate experience that is as relevant as possible to working in the media industries and reflects real-world practice. A Society Approved course must give potential media industry employers confidence that delegates successfully completing the course are better equipped to work in their chosen area of the media industries. Successful Approved courses are buying into a network of relevant industry professionals and their organisations.

The Society grants course approval to full-time, part-time and short courses that can demonstrate their relevance to the needs of companies and organisations within the media industries. Society Approval provides the recipient train provider organisation with a range of benefits. The substantive benefits for Approved Courses are described below.

Internatonal Moving Image Society

Course Approval Benefits for Training Providers

 1. The training provider receives a certificate suitable for display at their reception showing the course name and date of approval. It also receives a certificate describing the Society and listing the names of all Society sponsor organisations.

 2. The training provider may use the Society logo on letter-headed paper, approved course documentation, website and other marketing material during the period of Approval, noting that it is the course that is approved and not the raining provider organisation itself.

3. A listing of the Approved Courses and their training provider organisations is included in Society publications, including the Society website.

5. The training provider is offered a link between the Approved Course and the relevant section of the Society website.

6. The details of Approved Courses and their institutions are promoted to anyone seeking careers information from the Society.

Additional Information

Approval only extends to the particular course reviewed. It does not apply to the training provider as a whole. A training provider may wish to seek approval for more than one course.

Approval for a course is given for two years subject to a satisfactory annual renewal form declaration.

Application for Approval must be made on the accompanying form and the appropriate remittance should be enclosed. It is important that the information about the course syllabus is included with the application. An application will not be processed without this information. The Society reserves the right to withdraw Society Approval at any time and for any reason it deems appropriate.

Approval Fees

The fees for approval are contained in a separate document available on request.


Download as PDF Document





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