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    BKSTS Accreditation is a service to education & training
   provided by IMIS:  International Moving Image Society ( formerly The BKSTS )
   Assuring professionalism and
   industry relevance in moving image education and training .......


The Higher Education Statistics Agency recognises & approves the Society as an accrediting body.

BKSTS Accreditation is included in the Unistats / Key Info. Set (KIS) for UK Higher Education courses.


Based at the world famous Pinewood Film Studios, The International Moving Image Society, and its predecessor, BKSTS  - is a long established and respected professional body. It has an international professional membership employed in the craft, technical, operational and management grades of the moving image industries. As well as meetings, presentations, lectures, involvement with international conferences and special events, close links are forged and maintained with other like-minded organisations throughout the world. The Society also produces a number of publications and has an extensive archive. The Society has strong associations with many of the leading companies and organisations in the field.

What is IMIS ? ( formelry BKSTS )
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IMIS is uniquely placed to assure, encourage and support industry relevance in moving image and media production courses. The Society offers a supportive, accreditation process for Higher Education courses longer than a year in length such as HND, degree and Masters programmes.  

It provides an independent worthwhile and recognised kite mark and an assurance to students, staff, employers and parents of a course’s professional relevance. In addition course teams receive an independent consultation about their course, an independent report with possible advice and recommendations and a range of benefits to staff and students.

The Society offers approved course status to courses shorter than a year in length.

 At IMIS, we do not attempt to rival the Accreditation scheme of any other major industry bodies or organisations within our industries, nor would we attempt to do so. We offer a very affordable and user friendly complementary scheme to be available alongside any existing other schemes that are on offer.
"Thank you, very sagacious, perceptive and well written! I value our relationship with the Society very highly."   
Undergraduate Course Leader, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Campus.    


"Thank you for your Society's Accreditation Report. This report is extensive and carefully considered and we are
grateful for your observations, comments and advice. This process has been enlightening for all the staff involved in the four postgraduate courses and has allowed us to positively reflect on the findings."

Postgraduate Course Leader, Bournemouth University.    

"Many thanks to the BKSTS panel of Industry experts who came to visit our staff, facilities and students on the recent re-accreditation visit, as usual they were most thorough, supportive and gave some excellent advice on the curriculum development, additional potential links with industry and ideas for moving forward. Extremely grateful for their encouragement and support."
Academic Course Group Leader, Staffordshire University.    


Student Course Reps Meeting at The Groucho Club
Student Course Reps Meeting at Pinewood Studios


We also provide some easily accessible practical tangible benefits commensurate with what you might expect from a membership based professional body …… maintaining some contact and dialogue long after any initial application or accreditation visit has been completed.

In these…….

  • increasing financially stringent times,
  • a climate of competiveness in higher education, and the
  • increasing need to demonstrate a course’s relevance and engagement with industry,


the Course Accreditation scheme:-

  • has a range of  tangible benefits for your students, your staff and you,
  • leads to an ongoing “critical friend and supporter” relationship with a professional body that has good links within the moving image industries,
  • has a user friendly application process, which is affordable and competitively priced,
  • provides a recognized kite mark - our Accreditation is included in the Key Information Set (KIS) for UK Higher Education courses.
  • will shortly be launching a student membership scheme for students on Accredited courses. Amongst membership benefits will be the ability for students to attend events for free and network with other “new entrants” to our industry, from courses of an equivalent standard, and in person, rather than just online.
  • can lead to graduates gaining the designatory letters MBKS


Applying for our Accreditation or Approval is both affordable and easy to manage at course team level

This website outlines all you need to know about the Society's course accreditation and approval and includes downloadable information and application forms.

If you have any queries please go to the Contact Us page.



We thank the sponsors of some of our recent Accreditation events


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