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The IMIS / National Media Museum


Student Widescreen Film of the Year Competition - 2017


Widescreen Weekend and IMIS are co-operating again for a fourth year to provide a competition and prestigious showcase opportunity for student and graduate film makers who are fully exploiting wonderful widescreen aesthetics and production values.

It is easy to enter online at:


and its free to enter.

IMIS, its Accreditation Scheme & the Film Team at National Media Museum, Bradford, are strong advocates for greater promotion of widescreen aesthetics, production techniques and history in the curricula of university film, television and moving image schools.

The shortlisted films will be screened in Pictureville Cinema, National Media Museum, at the start of the Widescreen Weekend 2017.  Last year the screening was preceded by a presentation by  double Academy Award winner, Paul Franklin, and screen legend , Douglas Trumbull, was in the international audience. Following on from a 70mm presentation of  “Interstellar”, there was absolutely no pressure on the student work or the students present in the audience. The students’ films looked fabulous on the giant screen and audience members, including cinema legend Douglas Trumbull, spoke to the students afterwards, - all commenting on the very high quality of the short student widescreen films. Sir Christopher Frayling gave the on stage presentations.


You can see the shortlists and winners from the three previous years below,

as well as photographs from previous years below that.


The BKSTS / National Media Museum


Student Widescreen Film of the Year Competition - 2016


BKSTS and the Film Team at National Media Museum co-operated  again for a third year to provide a competition and prestigious showcase opportunity for student and graduate film makers who are fully exploiting wonderful widescreen aesthetics and production values. From a staggering 510 entries from young film makers and film schools around the world the overall winner came from The National Film School at Lodz in Poland. "The Undersigned", is a powerful film which fully exploits widescreen cinematography, aesthetics and production values in a visually stunning way. It also used sound to great effect. The prize for for the “Best use of Widescreen and Technical Excellence from a BKSTS Accredited Institution" went to film maker Matthew Jeffrey from Staffordshire University for his film "Henry". The event at the National Media Museum on the 13th. October was hosted by  Mark Trompeteler with Professor Sir Christopher Frayling giving a brief review of the short listed films and presenting certificates on stage. Each winner was able to undertake a A “Demo-Day” for 2 – 3 students from the wining team, at the Red Cameras Facility, at the world famous Pinewood Studios, when the winners are able to get a practical glimpse at the latest high end digital motion picture and other cameras from Red, as guests of Red.





Lazar    1.85:1                                                                           WSW1462         16:40
Rhianna Rizvi                UK: University of Westminster Film School
Edited on Avid
Once Upon a Line          16:9                                                      WSW1417         07:05
Alicja Jasina                  USA: University of Southern California Film School
Edited on Adobe Premiere
Henry    2:35:1                                                                           WSW1366         07:43
Matthew Jeffrey            UK: Staffordshire University
From A BKSTS Accredited Course                     
Across The Fence         16:9                                                      WSA1335          12:00
Dan Laughton               UK: Ravensbourne University
Edited on Adobe Premiere                    
The Undersigned           16:9                                                      WSW1264         25:30   
Michał Pokropek           Poland: The National Film School - Lodz
Edited on Sony Vega                                       
Phosphorus Souls         21:9                                                      WSW1242         03:05
Leonardo Martinelli        Brazil: Estacio – Campus Joa Uchoa (Rj. Brazil)
Edited on Adobe Premiere                                
A Love Story                 16:9                                                      WSW1174         07:04
Anushka Naanayakkara UK: The National Film & Television School
Edited on Adobe Premiere
The People of Júzcar     16:9                                          WSW10461                    5:00
Harvey Chard-Tuckey     UK: University for the Creative Arts – Farnham
From A BKSTS Accredited Course
Edited on Avid

The Salt Man                                                                 WSW1005                      15:00
Seyed Sajad Moosavi   Iran: Sooreh Film School                                                          



The Unveiling                       7:30        2:35:1 Cinemascope                                              7:30
Dir: Ryan Bloom  Prod: Ryan Bloom  DoP: Thomas Rosser  Ed: Ryan Bloom
Sound: Grace Winpenny  Shot On: Sony F3  Edited On: Adobe Premiere Pro
BSc Film & Television Production, University of York.
When the Dust Settles           15:00      2.35:1 Cinemascope                                          7:00 excerpt
Dir: Luke Quine  Prod: Laura Barlow  DoP: Ronnie McQuillan  Ed: Jordi Blanc
Sound: Bob Clarke  Shot On:  Red Epic  Edited On: Adobe Premiere
BSc Film & Television Production, University of York.
Maya                                                    15:58      2:35:1 Cinemascope                             7:00 excerpt
Dir: Bhimsen Lama  Prod: Tom Cullingham  DoP: Arran Green  Ed: Biki Gurung
Sound: Michael Ling  Shot On: Red Dragon  Edited On: Adobe Premiere
BA(Hons) Digital Film Production, Ravensbourne.
Beautiful Struggle                6:10        2:35:1 Cinemascope                                               6:10
Dir: Prod: DoP: Ed: Dominic Mathewson  Sound: James Ryan
Shot On: Canon C100  Edited On Adobe Premiere
BA(Hons) Experimental Film Production, Staffordshire University.
Brackish Water                            9:59        16:9                                                                 9:59
Dir: Oliver Beacon  Prod: Charley Packham  DoP: Angus Mitchell  Ed: Eric Deacon
Sound: Joshua Bosley  Shot On: Canon C300  Edited On: Adobe Premiere
BA(Hons) TV Production, Bournemouth University.
Deep Pan Fury                             23:00      2:35:1 Cinemascope                                      7:00 excerpt
Dir: Charles Dennis  Prod: Ismail Guluev  DoP: Tomas Frigstad  Ed: Jonathan Augustus
Sound: Dan Mantell & Matt Taylor  Shot On:  Red Epic  Edited On: Avid MC
BA(Hons) Film Production, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.
Sky High                                           1:54        16:9                                                              1:54
Dir: Prod: DoP: Ed: Stewart Powers Music: Clouds- Zach Sobiech
Shot On:  Canon XF305 & 5D & Sony FS700r Edit On: Adobe Premiere
BA(Hons) Animation, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.
Quarry Man                                     14.01      2.76:1 Ultra-Panavision                                  7:00 excerpt
Dir: Prod: DoP: Ed: Matthew Tingle
Shot On:  Canon XF305 & 5D & Sony FS700r  Edited On: Avid
Year 1, MArt Film & Media,  Sheffield Hallam University.
Pylon                                                   4:25        2:35:1 Cinemascope                                  4:25
Dir: Prod: DoP: Ed: Sound: Richard Edmunds
Shot On:  Canon C100  Edited On: Adobe Premiere
BA(Hons) Media (Film) Production, Staffordshire University.
Synoptica                                         29:00    16:9                                                                   7:00 excerpt
Dir: Lewis Coates Prod: Lewis Coates & Mikaela Smith DoP:  Mikaela Smith & Jordan Chulk
Ed: Jordan Chulk & Matthew Swinn Sound: Matthew Swinn
Shot On:  Canon C100 & 5D Edit On: Adobe Premiiere
BA(Hons) Media Production, University of Lincoln.
The Private                                    16:24      16:9                                                                      7:00 excerpt
Dir: Max Boulton Prod: Max Boulton & Harry Morgan DoP: Aaron Rogers Ed: Benjamin Rozario
Sound: Jack Farris Shot On:  Arri Alexa Edited On: Adobe Premiere
BA(Hons) Digital Film Production, Ravensbourne.
Our Ghosts                                     4:22        2:35:1 Cinemascope                                          4:22
Dir: Hannah Ruddle Prod: Hannah Ruddle DoP: Samuel J. Hunt Ed: Hannah Ruddle & Attila Molnar
Sound: Bob Clarke Shot On:  Arri Amira Edited On: Adobe Premiere Pro
BSc Film & Television Production, University of York.
Through The Fire          2.39:1              Greenwich University             2.30   
a short trailer of a 31 minute film
Outline: Nearly a year has passed since Lady Emily Blake’s husband, passed away leaving her with a vast estate and a young infant to tend. Emily’s parents now seek to remarry her to another nobleman to ensure the continuation of their status in society – however their wishes do not go to plan.
Cast: Grace Calder, Joseph Capp, Marysia Trembecka, David Scott-Lucas, Timur Charles.
Directors: Silvana Croft & Bryan Cook. Producer: Silvana Croft. Writers: Bryan Cook & Tanja Cook. D.O.P./Camera: Bryan Cook. Editors: Khedive Appa & Alexander Dunk. Sound: Daniel Jezreel. Production Design: Monica Hlavata. Shot On: RED One MX. Edited On: Adobe Premiere CC.
Doused In Violet            2.39:1              Staffordshire University          12.08
Outline: A wife, her husband and her lover are on a collision course with fate.
Directors: Carl Yates & Chris Yarwood. Producers: Carl Yates & Natalie Cooke. Writer: Carl Yates. D.O.P./Camera: Carl Yates. Sound: Jake Hiorns. Music: Jake Hiorns. Shot On: RED Scarlet.
I Refuse                          16:9                 Sheffield Hallam University    15.10
Outline: Imagine you had a searing migraine. Imagine half your body tingled like crazy. Now imagine you wake up in a strange bed, alone, unable to remember what had happened and in absolute agony. This is Maureen’s story.
Director: Georgia Ball. Producer: Georgia Ball. Music: Dave S. Walker.
Shot On: Canon C100 and mixed DSLRs.
Secret Shelters              2.39:1              Staffordshire University          12.42
Outline: Jonathan escapes the trials of urban living and in walking the hills, fells and mountains uses shelters nestled in beautiful landscapes.
Director: Natalie Cooke. Producer: Natalie Cooke. D.O.P./Camera: Simon Hill. Sound: Tom Chimiak. Music: Various.
Shot On: DSLR.
Howl                                  16:9                 UCA – Farnham Film School 19.06
Outline: As primary school teacher Karen Crawshaw takes on a new pupil Eleanor Stagg, a man spends his days watching the children at the gates to the school. With the sense of peace at the school now threatened, Karen attempts to understand the man’s strange attraction to Eleanor.
Cast: Sarah Whitehouse, Cara Doherty, James Wren, Neil Cole, Keeley Jo-Jupp, Daniel Dewhirst.
Director: Jamie Sims. Producer: Nina Kästner. Writer: Allan Macleod. D.O.P./Camera: Sam E.H. Hooper Editor: Ross Cameron. Sound: James Robert George Wright. Music: Harry Kirby. Production Design: Sophie Newton. Shot On: RED.
No Place                          2.39:1              UCA  - Farnham Film School 21.00
Outline: The story of a young mans rise to the top of a new economic system. After Britain has seen the worst economic crash in history and a new system has come into power. Young economist Will Aims has a life changing conversation with his mentor reflecting on the moments and discussion that influenced his rise to the top, leading him to the most difficult decision he has ever had to make.
Cast:  Sebastián Sacco, Paul Dewdney, Danielle Norman
Director: Joe Beverley. Producer: Florence Hurley. Writer: Aylish Cannock. D.O.P./Camera: Duncan Prenthick. Sound: Aiden Chase. Production Design: Jonathan Orrel. Shot On: Red




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