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I have an ambition to produce some more books, & also some zines, in the not too distant future. I hope to catalogue them on this page.

Meanwhile here is some information about a couple of publications with which I was involved in the past.
Cinema Technology Magazine
I enjoy writing assignments. In recent years published work has included work as a contributor and features writer for the leading international specialist magazine for cinema professionals - "Cinema Technology".
2005 - Present Day
ISSN: 0995-2251





Practical Photography

This was a book co - written with a colleague Andrew Gregory. It aimed to become the first modern photography textbook written in English aimed at secondary school students studying photography. It got good reviews and was sold internationally. In attempting to produce a book for a new young audience getting seriously interested in Photography - we were proud to have produced something innovative. It is amazing seeing it still being sold second hand over 30 years after it was written and published.
Published 1985 by Longmans
119 pages with illustrations
ISBN: 9780582235038
Beginners Guide to
Cameras & Photography
My first taste of publishing happened whilst Helen and her twin brother Paul were tiny babies and things were hectic at home. It was appropriate that I acted as technical adviser on this book on Photography aimed at young children.
Published 1979 by Usborne
64 pages with illustrations
ISBN: 9780860203070

My daughter Helen Trompeteler has begun to venture out into the world of books on photography, but at a very much higher level.

Ike Ude:
Nollywood Portraits A Radical Beauty
Foreword by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Helen contributes a chapter to this book on the cinema of Nigeria. This is often referred to as Nollywood, a term coined in the mid 1990s to describe Nigeria's vibrant, film industry consisting of movies produced in the country but watched all over Africa and largely by Africans in the diaspora. This book presents a selection of photographic portraits by Ike Ude depicting some of the major Nigerian actors and actresses, television presenters, directors, and producers. With his ongoing photographic self-portraits, Nigerian born Ike Ude explores a world of dualities: photographer / performance artist, artist / spectator, mainstream / marginal, African / postnationalist, individual / everyman, and fashion/art. As a Nigerian born, New York based artist conversant with the world of fashion and celebrity, Ude gives conceptual aspects of performance and representation a new vitality, melding his own theatrical selves and multiple personae with his art.
Published 21 February 2017
by Skira
192 pages, 66 illustrations
RRP 75 Dollars hardback
ISBN: 9788857232294


Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon
This collection of over 145 portraits and supporting images explores the iconography of Audrey Hepburn, one of the world's most photographed people, an international film star whose image is as familiar now, two decades after her death, as it was during her lifetime. Helen's lead essay in the book gives a brilliant explanation as to how Audrey Hepburn, and the photographers with who she worked, produced a legacy of images that have produced a modern icon that still endures. The book also features a chronology by Terence Pepper.
Published 2 July 2015
by National Portrait Gallery, London.
192 pages, 145 illustrations
RRP 29.95 Pounds Hardback
19.95 Pounds Gallery exclusive Paperback
ISBN: 9780847847006
Man Ray: Portraits
An essential reference guide to Man Ray's life and work, this book includes an introduction by Marina Warner, as well as more than 200 beautifully reproduced images. A beautiful richly illustrated and detailed chronology by Helen sets Man Ray's work in the context of his life.
Published 7 February  2013
by National Portrait Gallery, London.
224 pages, 200  illustrations
RRP 35 Pounds Hardback
ISBN: 9781855144439