Cinema Journalism
Throughout my career I have frequently had to write in various formats to suit various purposes. I have had considerable experience in writing for published educational, training, technical and instructional materials. I can research. write and produce effective copy to deadline and for a wide variety of purposes. I have had film reviews published, been a regular contributor to "What Video" magazine, a technical advisor and co-author for two books on photography - one being established as an introductory textbook.
I enjoy writing assignments. In recent years published work has included work as a contributor and features writer for the leading international specialist magazine for cinema professionals - "Cinema Technology".
" Hi Mark,
thank you so much for the fine interview and the wonderful resulting article. I am very happy ! This story is rarely told so clearly, and you have done an outstanding job. "
Douglas Trumbull
( VFX Legend, who worked on "2001", "Bladerunner" and numerous other great movies, a Film Maker and five times Academy Award Nominee and honoured by a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Cinematographers.)
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